Photo Retouching

Welcome to my newly added Photo Retouching page! I was hired to retouch each of these images for clients. Please drag the middle slider all the way to the right to reveal the "Before" image and all the way to the left to reveal the "After" image.

Email me if you have any questions about availability and pricing.

This image for Goldfish Swim School needed a lot of cleanup on the signage. In the Before image the sign has a lot of glare and reflections from lights within the room as well as lights needed to shoot the portrait. I was able to easily remove the glare on the sign which helps focus the viewer on the subjects. 

The Before image for this interior view has a lot of color bouncing around the room and bleeding into other areas. Notice the green tint on the floor caused by light reflecting off the green wall towards the back. A lot of scenarios like this one cannot be avoided when shooting the images. In the After image I neutralized a lot of the colors bleeding onto both the floor and the ceiling. The room has also been transformed slightly to make the beams on the ceiling less crooked. 

This environmental portrait has a few unsightly stands, cords, and even a laptop which were all removed in the final image. 

This image also had light stands and cords that needed to be cleaned up for the final image. Sometimes moving the light out of the frame will create a look that is undesirable. You could move the stand but doing so won't give you the lighting you wanted. The solution is to edit it out in Photoshop. The railing of the pool was also removed at the client's request.

For this portrait I did some minor cleanup on the face and hands. The hands had some color correction done to help them match more to the rest of the portrait. Hands could be a slightly different color for many reasons, especially if they are cold. 

This portrait has minor retouching done for wrinkles around the eyes, the teeth have been whitened slightly, and the eyes dodged to add some pop to them. Again, the hands have been color corrected otherwise they look like someone else's hands in this picture. 

All the portrait editing I do for clients is pretty straightforward and subtle unless they ask me to go crazy and do some commercial fashion-type of editing. I don't mind doing that Vogue look where I smooth out every wrinkle and straighten every hair but most of the time I stick with something simple that doesn't make any huge changes to the subject's look unless I know that's what they are looking for.

When I was editing this shot of the Les Zygomates I wanted to remove anything I found distracting. You'll find if you look at the Before image and the After a few times that it's not one element that really makes a difference, it's a bunch of tiny little things that when they're removed make for a much cleaner final image.

This interior pool shot is a composite of two different exposures. One exposure for outside and one for inside in order to get a final image that doesn't have all the windows blown out. This process is common for many interior architectural shots like this one. The light on the right side of the pool was copied to the left side as the original light there was broken. I also removed some sort of stain/dark spot from the ceiling towards the back.

These Mt. Gay bottles had a lot of editing done to them in order to get to the final image you see here. Originally, the bottles had two different water levels which needed to match, the labels needed to be repositioned, and the cap height matched for both bottles. The position of the lighting in the studio also changed the way each bottle looked. For example, in the Before image, the left side of the left bottle looks quite different from the left side of the right bottle. When photographing two products closely together like this it can be hard to avoid having one bottle block a light from reaching the other bottle. I was able to make all of these changes without too much trouble, all it really takes for this type of retouching is time. 

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